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Vanessa Tomada

    I have always been drawn to fantasy and the natural world. I am endlessly inspired by mythology, animism, animals, the paranormal and occult, ancient civilizations, and the natural world. My favourite art and source of highest inspiration is the Romanticism Art movement, the Pre-Raphelites, and the Academic style. Contemporary wildlife realism and visionary art is also an influence to me, but nothing quite enraptures my soul or sets my imagination soaring like the works of William-Adolphe Bouguereau or John William Waterhouse, expertly transporting you to Arthurian legends or Roman myths...

    I was born in Stirling Scotland, and Celtic lore has been very influential to me and my work. I have had the opportunity to return to the UK to visit several times. I love to travel when possible, and some of my favourite adventures have included ancient Greek sites and Machu Picchu in darkest Peru! When I was young, my family immigrated to Canada, and I grew up in the most beautiful place on earth, Coastal B.C.


    As a child I spent nearly all my time in nature or watching television programs on the Discovery channel and National Geographic. I wanted to learn everything I could about the natural world and intended on becoming an animal biologist. After years of drawing animals and their habitat, I realized that my strength was in the arts rather than science. I've never looked back – I know it as my path.

    In school, I took every fine art and digital media class available. Upon graduation, I moved to the big city and started my first real job at an art supplies and framing store. Three years working there opened my eyes to all the possible mediums and their applications. It also offered socialization with local artists, teachers, students, and other employees who specialized in different artistic fields. Through the store, I participated in the annual Main Street art show "The Drift", where I made my first painting sale! 

    Between working and visiting other local art shows and galleries, I spent my time in the city toiling over a portfolio. I had always intended to go to art school, because that is what artists do, isn't it? Well, I was accepted into an art university, but at the last minute I decided not to go. The classes offered and everything I had learned about the industry in the time leading up to that moment only helped to confirm that my artistic journey led its own path. After everything, much to my eventual amusement, we moved back home to coastal BC.

    For four years I worked as a full time digital illustrator, slowly building up my business online. My true passion always lay in fine art painting however, and I found that after drawing for work all day I didn't have the desire to paint. In 2018 I took a job managing a local art supply and framing shop. This encouraged me to get back into the local art scene, and focus all my efforts into oil painting in my time off. I enjoyed it so much and found it so inspiring that I created a business plan and purchased the shop in 2020. Now I spend all my time painting, helping others with their creative outlets, and working as a picture framer.


You can visit my paintings in person at my shop:

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